Harmony Afterschool program is an exceptional after-school program that augments your child’s education with a fun and mentally stimulating experience. We offer:
  • Highly qualified educators with a track record of excellence
  • Enrichment classes that go beyond the standard curriculum and focus on your child’s specific interests, selected jointly by parents and Harmony Athletic programs that are age-appropriate and designed for all abilities
  • Special-interest clubs, such as chess, art and computer coding

All children are different, and they all deserve to be treated with equal respect and expectations of learning and social interaction. Harmony afterschool program emphasizes safe, after-school care that focuses on the whole child in a school setting.

The Harmony after-school program’s mission is to create a safe, fun and educational after-school program for all children that provides peace of mind to parents, a rewarding opportunity for its employees and a nurturing, accepting experience in a school-based setting for children. Our aim is to enhance student learning, give all students mental and physical opportunities to succeed and provide new educational experiences with enhanced programs and extra-curricular activities. 

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